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about me

hey! I’m ritchie

I recently took up photography as a hobby, and I wanted to do something with the special moments I had captured in my life. I had all these digital frames stored away on my hard drive, and I knew that these moments were too valuable to just leave them there. So, I started making photo albums to relive and share these moments, and to tell a story with pictures. This website is taking it a step further, allowing me to share these moments with a broader audience.

On this website, you can find a variety of photo galleries, including city trips, fun events, food, and various daily moments. I like to enhance my pictures with subtle effects, aiming to do the subjects justice. To protect the privacy of my subjects, some galleries are invite-only.

a bit more about me….

I have been working for Radio Holland since 2010, and I live in Schiedam with my wife Sandra and two young adult sons, Brian and Joey, as well as our pixie bob cat, Kenji. Aside from photography, I love food, travel, and being outdoors, which all combine nicely. To stay healthy, I also like to work out, which also combines with my love of food.


Since last website update I made a huge upgrade in my gear. I sort of gave in to Gear Acquisition Syndrome (although I didn't win the lottery) and I upgraded to a full frame camera: Canon EOS RP with RF 24-105mm (kit)- together with a RF 50mm. Shortly after I stumbled on a second-hand EF 135mm lens. This last prime lens is now by far my favorite lens.

For now I also will keep the EOS-M system: Canon EOS M100 (body) with following lenses: EF-M 15-45mm (kit), EF-M 11-22m, EF-M 22mm, EF-M 55-200, EF 50mm.


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